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     Welcome to Acadian Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Refrigeration Service Repair. We have over 35 years experience servicing commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeratioin equipment in resturants and convenience stores. Our name is well known for quality workmanship and was built on good hard work ethic and honesty.

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     Area's we are servicing are Baton Rouge, Hammond, Laffayette, and New Orleans, here is a list of the different services we offer,


  • Steamer's, Warmers, low temp
  • Ovens, dishwasher's
  • Stove's, Hood's




    Refrigeration repair of all major brands, for ice cold beer mugs, walk in cooler's, under counter cooler's and comfort cooling, we specialize in the commercial resturant air conditioning and refrigeration.


 air conditioing, refrigeration repair in Baton Rouge convenience store, services include kitchen equipment walk in coolers, ice cream machines, ice machines, stoves servicing New Orleans, Hammond and Laffayette 24 hour baton rouge air conditioning being repaired at commercial store, services include commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment repair in New Orleans, Hammond, Laffayette

     We can make your beer the coldest in town. We recognize that continuing our education in the refrigeration industry is essential to keep up with the latest advances in equipment technology, which usually requires getting more advanced equipment to reach maximum efficiency and cooling, saving customer money and keeping product at required cooling temperature. Having your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment serviced and maintained will save you money and protect your investment, so call us today at 225 292 2649 for all your refrigeration, air conditioner, and commercial kitchen equipment needs servicing the Baton Rouge La area.

   There are always new technological advancements being made in the field of air conditioning repair, this means with some of the newer tools we can get the air as cold as possible creating more efficiency for the unit means less  electricity spent for the customer. Have you ever wondered about how the ac and how it works ? Staying up to date in the latest advancements is a continuing education, it is essential to our business and your comfort and precise ac repair and diagnosis located here and partnered with local air conditioning supply for quick parts which makes for a quick repair in Baton Rouge, LA area for so contact us for refrigeration, walk in cooler repair a quick ac repair and heating repair. Call Acadian AC repair heating and air of Baton Rouge, LA today at 225 292 2649.


Baton Rouge air conditioning and refrigeration technician also works on commercial kitchen equipment such as walk in coolers, ice machines, under counter coolers, beverage coolers, and ovens, servicing the New Orleans, Hammond and laffayette area 24 hour available Baton Rouge Air conditoining commercial refrigeration repair and commercial kitchn equipment repair such as walk in coolers ,ice machines, ovens in New Orleans, Hammond, Laffayette 24 hour condensor repair on air conditioner refrigeration system here in baton rouge,services are commercial kitchen equipment , walk in coolers, ice cream freezers, in New Orleans, Hammond and Laffayette

     We are the premier provider of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, and Laffayette area's, Our goal is to provide the very best in Air Conditioning and refrigeration repair services, we do: air conditioning diagnostics, condensor change outs, freon pressure test, duct work. Our quality control standards are high, our HVAC PERSONNEL are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver Honest Ethical Proffessional Workmanship We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.

      REFRIGERATION SERVICE REPAIR of all major brands, for ice cold beer mug cooler's, walk in cooler's, and comfort cooling, we specialize in the commercial resturant air conditioning and refrigeration equipment repair and service with experience needed for quick diagnostic and repair with 24 hour sercice available,Call 225-292-2649 for all your services.

Acadian Home Improvement

I'm sure you've heard or seen us around town, Acadian Home Improvement, yes sound familiar, well we are a 1 stop home shop for all you home maintenance and improvement and commercial resturant remodeling,services offered are airconditioner, refrigeration and kitched equipment, we are the company for you.We have been in the business for a while here are the services we offer, just click on the different links to see some of the jobs we have done.


  Just click on these links to see the many other services and home improvements we can offer that will add a 80 percent return on your investment, try that with your mutual funds, in a housing downturn you can remodel your home and when market picks back up you can get back your 80 percent of investment plus the added value of housing market revaluation when market picks up  you can make money on your investment. so just check out my acadian home improvement website and the remodeling video's and you will see what I am talking about. Call us today at 225 292 2649 we are servicing the Baton Rouge Metro and surrounding areas.


Acadian Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Refrigeration Repair.

We repair all makes and models of commercial kitchen and refrigeration, with over 35 year's of experience we can perform a fast accurate diagnosis and repair it. We are servicing the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, and surrounding areas so call us at 225 292 2649 for all your commercial kitchen equipment, refrigeration and airconditioning needs.


Commercial Kithchen equipment sink plumbing drainage pipes leaking, repaired and fixed the problem,

baton rouge commercial kitchen equipment  repair of drainage leaking pipes, refrigeration repair walk in coolers ice machines, oven repair, new orleans hammond, reinstalling drain pipes to commercial kitchen sinks, we repair ovens, refrigeration equipment in baton rouge new orleans hammond commercial kitchen equipment  of sink faucet replaced with new flex nozzle for washdown, we also do refrigeration repair servicing baton rouge hammond new orleans laffayette

Installed new faucet with a flexible hose nozzle for cleaning the 3 sinks,2nd and 3rd picture shows a broken faucet with constant water drip, 2 of these were replaced with new commercial kitchen equipment faucets

commercial kitchen equipment repair of sink with new one, we rapair all refrigeration equipment also walk in coolers ice machines baton rouge new orleans hammond laffayette commercial kitchen equipment sink broken and leaking, for all your refrigeration repairs in baton rouge new orleans hammond laffayette , walk in coolers, ice machines close up of broken commercial kitchen equipment faucet valve. Refrigeration repair, oven, all kitchen equpment, walk in coolers and ice machines